What Ho!

How I've missed this! The Lord has brought one transition after another over the last eight months. I began my first semester in college this year, so I've lately been occupied with not blogging. My list of potential posts has also continued to grow, however. I'm picking this up again with the intention of sharing... Continue Reading →


A Brief Change of Subject

I read avidly and this year, I struck an interest in bios of presidents and long-gone authors. I used to avoid biographies, because it seems like most authors just want to share their opinion of someone instead of give an honest account of so-and-so's life and what so-and-so accomplished (or tried). David McCullough doesn't do... Continue Reading →

The Misconception of Love (Part I)

There’s a particular saying about which I’ve been itching to write, and it’s not unfamiliar to the church-goers of my generation. Rather, it’s dreadfully popular. I’ve heard it in churches, seen it on the internet, and read it in books. Once or twice I’ve encountered a stranger whose only words for anyone around him made... Continue Reading →

Abit About Abook

One of my favorite books is called Stepping Heavenward. My mom gave it to me as a gift for my tenth birthday, and I think I've read it almost twenty times since then. The author, Elizabeth Prentiss, wrote the novel as though it were an intimate diary of a nineteenth century girl. This diary records... Continue Reading →

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